Pornography & Indoctrination Free Schools

Jason continues to fight for the Protection of Our Children! Almost Every School District in NWA has literary pornography. Some districts are willing to remove it and others are fighting to keep it. Either way Jason is working to find solutions that Empower Parental Rights and Protect Children!
Are you ready to read, document and review concerning books in our local school districts? We need parents, grandparents, and friends to help us review hundreds of books that Jason has located in our schools. Jason is determined to make our public schools a safe, pornography free, indoctrination free zone for all of our children!

MAXimize Freedom

Jason is ready to continue the fight in Little Rock to ensure individual and small business freedom.

"I believe that every decision should be made by the closest responsible party to a situation" Jason Maxwell

That means
NO Mask Mandates!
NO Vaccine Mandates!

No Government control over personal decisions that don't potentially harm the rights of a person under your authority. (This means Abortion is not your personal or parental right, because it harms the unborn child) The Government must step in to Protect individual rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

MAXimizing Parental Rights
Children under the age of 18 are governed by their parents, not the schools, healthcare system or government. (Government should only step in if a parents decision would be considered abusive, or life altering

Pro-Religious Freedom

MAXimize Protection

Protecting our Children from in-school indoctriation of all types.

Protecting our Children from Child abuse, mutilation and castration at the hands of the medical/health and mental health community.

Pro- 2nd Amendment

MAXimize Honor

Rather it's our Veterans who fought for our freedoms, our parents who sacrificed to raise us, or the individual down the street, we should Honor one another!

I believe that we were all created by God. Rather an individual believes in God or not, does not change the fact He created them. He created every individual with a unique plan and purpose, and our job is to Honor His creation and help others find their hidden treasures and purpose.

To Honor another individual does not always require you to agree with them, their choices, or their actions. It simply means that you are humble enough to allow alternate perspectives in individuals, while fighting the systems that tries to bind or discount individual rights and freedoms.

MAXimize Potential

Every citizen has untapped potential. This potential can be MAXimized by fighting to make sure all of our Constitutional Rights as granted by the U.S. and Arkansas Constitutions are upheld.